Data Aggregation Remediation Transformation Service

Data Delivery Service for Cloud and Non-Cloud Platforms
Optimized for Seamless STP Integration with Investics EC2Osystem©  
Covers Any Type of 3rd Party Data, Vendors and Sources
Includes Public and Private Investment Data Delivery
Supports the Data Management Lifecycle
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Investment Data and Analytics Ecosystem

Provides Framework for The Complete Investment Picture

Solves Data Preparation, Modeling and Governance Use Cases

Provides Calculations, Artificial Intelligence & Visualizations 

Client and/or Investics Supported and Operated

Flexible Deployment Models (SaaS, Hosted, License or Purchase)

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Investment Analytics Data Fabric

Ingestion Landing Zone

Crawlers and Triggers

Automated ETL & ELT Scripting

Security Master Cross Referencing

Materialized Views and Data Cubes

Use Case Data Modeling
Data Lake Search



In-Memory Performance Risk Engine Service
New Paradigm Removing Limitations in Legacy Approaches
Co-Locates Data and Calculation Engine For Real-Time Results
Infinitely Flexible Hierarchy, Aggregation and Holdings Levels
Lagged Realignment and Other Modeling On-The-Fly Calcs
Facilitates ABOR to IBOR to PBOR Transformation 


User Defined Customized Dashboards & Reporting
Business Intelligence Tool Integration

Artificial Intelligence
Application Programming Interfaces

Website Inline Frame <iframe> Integration  

Data Feeds
Data Lake Search

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