Arabesque S-Ray® is a unique data offering that allows anyone to monitor the sustainability performance of the world’s largest corporations. Smart and simple to use, Arabesque S-Ray looks beneath a company’s surface by assessing its extra financial performance, helping subscribers better understand its value to society.  Subscription from the underlying ESG provider is required.  To learn more about subscribing to Investics data services, please click on one of the DARTS links above.


Have you ever seen investment performance returns sing and dance?  With Investics IMPRES Performance Modeling service you will.  Our EC20 platform can take any pre-calculated return time series and generate an optimally modeled data cube which is compatible with most BI Tools' visualization capabilities.  The resulting data model utilizes the scalability and low cost of cloud based in-memory dynamic calculation engines and storage to flexibly link across any extended time periods and aggregate up and down to all levels of a portfolio, including security, classification, characteristic, geography, total portfolio, composite and aggregation instantly.  

With the advent of native cloud computing and the Investics IMPRES Return Modeling data service, gone are the days when it could take hours, days, or overnight batch processing to generate performance results across a large number of portfolios over extended time periods to provide bespoke custom time periods, breakpoints, roll-ups, carve-outs and other bespoke reporting and analysis use cases.


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Investics IMPRES Performance Data Modeling

Investics IMPRES Performance Service

Investics offers a complete Performance Book of Record (PBOR) operational and support delivery service.  Accounting Book of Record (ABOR) can be aggregated from single or multiple sources (like custodian banks, accounting systems or 3rd party data warehouses) and cleansed for performance return and ex-post risk calculations, resulting in a robust ABOR performance service.  From that point any lagged investment information is realigned as it becomes available, and a true IBOR performance  service is generated and maintained on a best available basis until all lagged information has been realigned and recalculated.  A full audit trail of lagged overrides are stored so the IBOR process can be audited.


For either the ABOR and IBOR performance services, a PBOR wrapper can be applied in order to provide a complete investment picture including reporting for exposure, attribution, contribution, classifications, characteristics (structural, ESG, etc.), ex-post and ex-ante risk, liquidity, and style analysis.     

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Investics IMPRES Performance Engine

The very same performance engine and operational model that Investics uses for our IMPRES Performance Service (above) can be subscribed to  in a self-service mode where the operational responsibility to generate performance returns is retained by the subscribing client.  All of the same capabilities are available 


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