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Investics offers a set of continually growing data services in support of investment data and analytics use cases purely for the institutional investor community. 


Depending on the data set, the service is delivered through a subscription to one or more of the Investics Cloud Ecosystem (ICE) components: 


  • DARTS - Data Aggregation Remediation Transformation Service marketplace

  • Fusion - Investics data fabric construct for modeling and stitching related data together for specific use cases, within a data lake

  • IMPRES - In-Memory Performance Risk Engine Service for performance measurement and risk analytics calculations

  • Vision - Investics visualizations​

All of the ICE components are designed to deliver datasets ready for downstream software consumption (BI Tools, report writers, cloud services, data lakes, data warehouses, databases and spreadsheets, just to name a few) by normalizing content across different data sources and remediating common anomalies which can cause data to be misinterpreted, rejected, dropped, misaligned or require additional redundant and repetitive manual steps to make the data usable.  In addition, all of the ICE components can work independently or in tandem with each other.  In fact, ICE will automatically flow DARTS subscription data directly into a client's own secure ICE Bucket in the cloud, along with its metadata and optionally straight through ICE in order to automatically stitch related data together (including portfolio holdings and reference data) and generate materialized views, data cubes (ICE Cubes), data marts and visualization datasets instantly connectable to value added data management capabilities, calculation engines and BI/AI Tools to accommodate an almost unlimited set of use cases.  You can learn more about ICE by clicking on this link:  ICE.  

Investics is able to provide data services by working closely with a number of world class data vendors.  A representative list of data vendors Investics has relationships with to source data are listed below. 

An interactive dashboard with a sample data set is provided below in order to interact with a limited example of available content.  Depending on your device you may need to zoom in/out on your browser to fully visualize.  Click and maximize individual visuals for full view or maximize entire dashboard into a new tab for best view by clicking on the maximize icon.  Click on visuals and then scroll up/down and right/left to view an entire table.  Click on controls, graph segments or table rows to filter.  Click again or on menu funnel icons to remove filter(s).  Download the underlying data for further analysis, if enabled.  Please note that this dashboard contains test data for demonstration purposes only and it is not representative of a full offering.  It also should not be used for any other purpose.  To check on the availability of a full free trial of a DARTS offering, a list of all publicly available Investics offerings available in AWS Marketplace or by clicking here.