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Investics offers a full suite of performance and risk calculation and data modeling services.  These next generational capabilities provide for maximum flexibility to instantly calculate in real time a truly customized risk and return service, accommodating some of today’s toughest performance measurement challenges including ABOR to IBOR to PBOR transformation, appropriate handling of private investments, flexible hierarchies, attribution and risk.  Combined with our performance and risk calculation managed service, Investics can provide the capabilities, as well as perform the operational process to produce risk and return statistics.

Our Investics Cloud Ecosystem (ICE) platform can ingest any amount of pre-calculated return time series and generate an optimally modeled data cube which is compatible with most BI Tools' visualization capabilities.  The resulting data model utilizes the scalability and low cost of cloud in-memory dynamic calculation engines and storage to flexibly link across any extended time periods and aggregate up and down to all levels of a portfolio hierarchy including security, classification, characteristic, geography, total portfolio, composite and aggregates instantly.  With the advent of native cloud computing and the Investics IMPRES Data Modeling service, gone are the days when it would take hours, days, or even overnight batch processing to generate performance results across a large number of portfolios over extended time periods to provide custom time periods, breakpoints, roll-ups, carve-outs and other bespoke reporting and analysis use cases.

An interactive dashboard with a limited sample data set is provided below to interact with an example of the content.  Depending on your device you may need to zoom in/out on your browser.  Click and maximize visuals for full view or maximize entire dashboard into a new tab for best view.  Click on visuals and then click to scroll up/down and right/left to view an entire table.  Click on controls, graph segments or table rows to filter.  Click again or on menu funnel icons to remove filter(s).  Download the underlying data for further analysis, if enabled.  Please note that this dashboard contains test data for demonstration purposes only and it is not representative of a full offering.  It also should not be used for any other purpose.  To check on the availability of a full free trial of a DARTS offering, a list of all publicly available Investics offerings is available in AWS Marketplace or by clicking here.