Investics offers cloud-based platform capabilities including:​​

  1. Investics EC2Osystem© 

    • Investment Data and Analytics Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

  2. Data Services

    • Collection, Cleansing, Integration, Aggregation and Distribution

  3. Legacy Data Warehouse Migration and/or Decommissioning

    • Current Costs Reduction and Future Cost Avoidance Programs

    • Speed to Market Enablement

Investics EC2Osystem©  

Investics' cloud-based investment data and analytics Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).  Designed to be a complete turnkey investment data and analytics ecosystem, depending on a client's starting point this platform can be up to 90% less expensive for total cost of ownership versus more traditional legacy data warehouse approaches.

Investics was created with the vision that the advent of cloud-based infrastructure services over recent years changes the game dramatically for owning and/or obtaining access to a seamlessly integrated turnkey investment data and analytics platform that is extremely cost effective, with minimal barriers of entry.  Historically these types of data platforms, delivered through legacy technologies and techniques, were very expensive and complex to develop, implement and maintain, taking up to several years to gain benefit from and were not able to easily leverage the innovations achieved in the rest of the industry.  We aim to change all of this for the betterment of the industry while not negatively impacting the environment, knowing that the heavy compute and data storage requirements of an enterprise data strategy can have a significant carbon footprint.

The Investics EC2Osystem© will be able to provide the data management and integration across the different aspects of the institutional investment process including:  security movement and safe keeping, transaction analytics, portfolio accounting, performance measurement and attribution, risk and exposure, investment compliance, regulatory reporting, vendor data integration, as well as others.

Collaboration with clients and partners is key to the platform in order to broaden our complete offering to seamlessly integrate agnostic cloud-based technologies including:  advanced business intelligence tools, artificial intelligence, performance measurement calculation engines and establishment of flexible books of record including accounting, investment and performance, to name a few.  

The Investics EC2Osystem© value proposition:

  1. Establish, Own and Operate a Full Investment Data and Analytics Ecosystem Platform

    • Achieve Data Independence

    • Transform to a Data Centric Operating Model

    • Turnkey Implementation 

    • Fast Speed to Deployment

    • Client and/or Investics Supported

  2. Provides Institutional Investors with Data Coverage for a Complete Investment Picture

    • Analysis of Global Multi-Asset Classes

    • Covers Composite, Portfolio, Security, Performance, Risk, Universe, Reference, Vendor, Custody and Other Data.

    • Look Through to Underlying Investments

  3. Cost Effective Solution Utilizing State-of-the-Art Cloud Technologies

    • Save up to 90% vs. Traditional Approaches’ Total Cost of Ownership

    • Facilitates Cloud Migration and/or Decommissioning of Expensive Legacy Data Warehouse Platforms

  4. Integration with 3rd Party Applications, Tools and Systems

  5. Ongoing Review and Dissemination of Best of Breed Data and Analytics Practices and Technologies

  6. Environmentally Carbon Neutral Platform

The targeted cloud-based features include:

  1. Investment Data and Analytics Ecosystem SaaS Platform

  2. Cloud-Based Processing and Data Storage

  3. Simplified Procurement Process

  4. Minimal or Zero Upfront Costs and Pay as You Go

  5. Seamless Integration of Internal and External Data Collection, Ingestion & Delivery

  6. Data Quality Validation and Remediation

  7. Data Modeling, Stitching and Look Through/Drill Down 

  8. Data Governance Framework

  9. Hybrid Cloud/On-Premises/Non-Cloud Configuration

  10. Full Backup, Resiliency, Compression, Replication, Archiving, Privacy, Encryption, Security and Local Regulatory Data Compliance Capabilities

  11. Visualization, Remediation and Data Model Template Library

  12. Advanced Analytics with Business and Artificial Intelligence

  13. Dynamic In-Memory Calculation Engines 

  14. Rules-Based Event Triggered Automated Processing 

  15. Business and Artificial Intelligence Sandbox

  16. Dashboards and Traditional Reporting

  17. Cross Client Big Data Aggregation

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