Investics EC20 platform is ideally suited to integrate data across multiple sources and vendors, provide calculated data enrichments and visualize all results to meet the regulatory requirements that continue to proliferate globally.  

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Several years ago the Australian government announced as part of their Stronger Super legislation a new compulsory regulation requiring superannuation funds in Australia to publicly disclose on their respective websites the percentage weight of their fund's portfolio holdings.  This is to include look-through to underlying investment portfolios and funds, as well as the ability to select particular holdings and non disclose up to 5% of any particular investment fund offering.  Asset classification category standards were also defined by the regulation. 


With the mandatory compliance date approaching, Investics has launched a DARTS service which can aggregate holdings (including look-through) and stitch together the various reference data required for Australian superannuation funds to meet this requirement.  In addition, a pre-packaged white labeled Investics PHD dashboard can be easily embedded into a superannuation fund's website to fulfill the complete requirements of this regulation.  A sample Investics PHD embedded interactive dashboard with a publicly available representative Australian superannuation fund's holdings is provided on this web page (above) to peruse .


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