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Service Highlight - Investics Manager Evaluation Analytics (iMEA)

Service Highlight

Devised during an engagement with one of the world's largest pension funds to create a completely algorithmic approach to identifying the best funds and fund managers based on skill (vs. luck), the methodologies behind iMEA were originally utilized to first independently identify that something was greatly amiss with the Bernie Madoff funds.  No One Would Listen (book) - Harry Markopolos (author).  John Wiley & Sons (publisher) - 2010.


"It is similar to sports where an athlete who has consistently demonstrated relative superior skill in the past should continue to be skillful for some period of time into the future. A scratch golfer does not become a bad, or even an average golfer, overnight. The iMEA service takes this concept of skill and applies it to the investment management process in order to find those funds and investment management firms who are more likely to outperform into the future based on persistently demonstrating superior relative skill (vs. luck) in the past" ,  William C. Pryor, founding president of Investics.

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