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A new and different investment data and analytics company offering efficient and cost effective native cloud data services, investment analytics ecosystem, risk and return managed services and consulting services to the global institutional investor marketplace.


Services provided to clients with assets now totaling over $150 billion.




Formed in 2019, Investics is a consulting and Fintech solutions provider located in Weston, Massachusetts on the outskirts of Boston, on the rim of “America’s Technology Highway”.  With over a century of experience across the Investics team in working with a number of the world’s largest financial institutions and global custodians, asset owners, asset managers, investment consultants and technology companies, Investics is uniquely qualified in the field of data and analytics for institutional investment organizations with a particular focus on calculation, visualization and database technology leveraged for investment analytics including performance measurement, attribution, ex-ante & ex-post risk, universe comparison, benchmark and index construction, structural portfolio and style analysis, investment compliance and the underlying portfolio holdings, transactions, reference and vendor data.


If your organization is looking to finally get their arms around the collective data asset — and become data-centric in how you operate and compete — Investics can dramatically help you make that a reality for far less than with a traditional approach.

Imagine empowering your organization and bringing transformational efficiencies to your clients and internal operating models by delivering intuitive and dazzling online visualizations and analytics. Imagine doing this in a way that delivers benefits within months — not years — potentially saving your organization millions in both time and implementation costs.

No matter where you are in the process, it is worth a conversation. If your data team does not exist or if it is already well established. If you cannot afford the kind of investment in time and money a traditional data strategy can cost.  Or, even if you do have the financial capacity and technical prowess but just want assistance. Investics can help you bring the promise of a modern investment data and analytics strategy to fruition.



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