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Offering frictionless and cost effective investment data and analytics to the global investor community.​

Service Highlight - Investics Manager Evaluation Analytics (iMEA)

Service Highlight
About Us


Investics is an investment data and analytics solutions provider headquartered in Weston, Massachusetts on the outskirts of Boston and the rim of “America’s Technology Highway”.  With extensive experience across the Investics team in working with some of the world’s largest financial institutions, fund administrators and global custodians, asset owners, asset managers, investment consultants and technology companies, Investics is uniquely qualified in the field of data and analytics for the global investment community with a particular focus on calculation, visualization and database technology leveraged for investment analytics including performance measurement, attribution, ex-ante & ex-post risk, universe comparison, benchmark and index construction, structural portfolio and style analysis, investment compliance and the underlying portfolio holdings, transactions, reference and vendor data.

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