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An investment data and analytics company offering efficient and cost effective native cloud data services, investment analytics ecosystems, risk and return managed services and consulting  to the global institutional investor community.

With a strong heritage in providing industry leading capabilities, Investics can help clients achieve their own investment data and analytics vision and independence quickly, at low cost and at scale. 

Investics Cloud Ecosystem (ICE)

Investment data and analytics software-as-a-service native cloud platform to acquire, model, enrich and visualize data.  Comprised of four major components (all in one place) which can each operate independently or in harmony.




Data Marketplace
Meta Data

Data Trials


Multiple File Formats

Cloud & Non-Cloud Delivery

Data Modeling

Data Lake

Quality Control

Operational Data Stores

Crowd Souring Collaboration

Data Calculations

In-Memory Calculation Engine

Co-Located Data and Calculations

ABOR IBOR PBOR Transformations 
Lagged Investments Realignment 
Automated Operational Workflow
Real Time On-The-Fly Calcs
Infinitely Flexible Hierarchy

Data Visualizations

Interactive Dashboards

Traditional Reporting
Research Tool

Data Lake Search

BI & AI Tools Flexibility




"Datasets that you offer are simple and easy to use and can be readily integrated into existing financial data that companies might be already using."


Investics offers a set of continually growing data services in support of investment data and analytics use cases for the institutional investor community.   Investics can provide custom data feeds built to the specifications of individual clients as well as provide off-the-shelf data solutions from DARTS, our data marketplace.  DARTS integrates portfolio holdings and transactions (from financial institutions, accounting/trading systems and data warehouses), ESG measures, risk statistics and characteristics, industry benchmarks, security master and reference data, analytics ready and optimized for immediate use in both cloud and non-cloud business intelligence (BI) and artificial intelligence (AI) tools, APIs and other software and systems.  

DARTS is designed to deliver datasets ready for downstream software consumption (BI Tools, report writers, native cloud services, data lakes, data warehouses, databases and spreadsheets, just to name a few) by normalizing content across different data sources and remediating common anomalies which can cause data to be misinterpreted, rejected, dropped, misaligned or require additional redundant manual steps to make the data usable. 

Interactive dashboards with limited sample data are available here.  To check on the availability of a free complete trial of a DARTS offering, a list of all publicly available Investics offerings is available in AWS Marketplace or by clicking here.

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"Your platform performed best by far compared to other competitors with much longer history,"


Targeted to provide clients with an investment data and analytics ecosystem which can fulfill the goal of delivering the complete investment picture with both data and functionality across the spectrum of performance measurement & risk analytics; including risk & return, portfolio structure, exposure, ESG, benchmarks, underlying supporting information (custody, accounting, holdings, transactions, cash flows and security reference), regulatory reporting and investment compliance.  Capable of look-through to the lowest level of detail and accelerated or re-aligned lagged private investment data with ABOR to IBOR to PBOR transformation.

Investics offers cloud-based capabilities which can handle the smallest jobs of quickly integrating a new data source to an existing system, all the way to providing a complete investment data and analytics ecosystem through our proprietary Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) called Investics Cloud Ecosystem (ICE)©.  Data can be delivered to any of the major cloud providers native services, as well as other non-cloud systems and software.

All of the ICE components can work independently or in harmony with each other.  In fact, ICE will automatically flow DARTS subscription data, along with its metadata, straight through into a client's own or an Investics hosted ICE Bucket on the cloud in order to automatically stitch related data together (including holdings and reference data) and generate materialized views, data cubes (ICE Cubes) and data marts instantly connectable to value added data management capabilities, calculation engines and visualizations to accommodate an almost unlimited set of use cases.

For existing subscribers to AWS, it takes about 10 minutes and costs virtually nothing to subscribe to ICE.  (Depending on use, additional AWS processing and storage charges may apply.)  ICE itself takes about 3 minutes to spin up an instance on AWS once a subscriber has clicked through the subscription agreement options and provided some contact information.  Upon verification and permission settings by an Investics support staff (performed during normal business hours), a new subscriber receives an email containing a link to their hosted Investics ICE environment and then they are up and running.  Subscribe to at least one Investics DARTS data offering (including free trials) and you can start modeling data for specific use cases and your organization is creating custom visualizations within minutes.  Compare that to the time (months or years) and cost (perhaps millions) using legacy approaches and technologies to get a data strategy started.  The world has changed big time.




Investics is an InvesTech solutions provider located in Weston, Massachusetts on the outskirts of Boston and the rim of “America’s Technology Highway”.  With over two centuries of experience across the Investics team in working with a number of the world’s largest financial institutions, fund administrators and global custodians, asset owners, asset managers, investment consultants and technology companies, Investics is uniquely qualified in the field of data and analytics for the institutional investment community with a particular focus on calculation, visualization and database technology leveraged for investment analytics including performance measurement, attribution, ex-ante & ex-post risk, universe comparison, benchmark and index construction, structural portfolio and style analysis, investment compliance and the underlying portfolio holdings, transactions, reference and vendor data.


If your organization is looking to finally get their arms around the collective data asset — and become data-centric in how you operate and compete — Investics can dramatically help you make that a reality in far less time and for far less expense versus a more traditional approach.

Imagine empowering your organization and bringing transformational efficiencies to your clients and internal operating models by delivering intuitive and dazzling online visualizations and analytics. Imagine doing this in a way that delivers benefits within months — not years — potentially saving your organization millions in both time and implementation costs.

No matter where you are in the process, it is worth a conversation. If your data team does not exist or if it is already well established. If you cannot afford the kind of investment in time and money a traditional data strategy can cost.  Or, even if you do have the financial capacity and technical prowess but just want assistance. Investics can help you bring the promise of a modern investment data and analytics strategy to fruition.

Investics follows Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles in how we operate and offer our products and services.  Recognizing that data and analytics can be computationally and storage heavy in nature and carry a significant environmental impact, we can model, monitor and offset the carbon footprint of our platform capabilities in order to achieve environmental sustainability.

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