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Investment Data and Analytics Ecosystem

Provides Framework for The Complete Investment Picture

Solves Data Preparation, Modeling and Governance Use Cases

Provides Calculations, Artificial Intelligence & Visualizations 

Client and/or Investics Supported and Operated

Flexible Deployment Models (SaaS, Hosted, License or Purchase)

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Investics Cloud Ecosystem (ICE) is a native cloud investment data and analytics platform-as-a-service (PaaS). ICE can help institutional investors achieve “The Complete Investment Picture” across the multi-asset class risk and return spectrum. Running on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Investics ICE is a next generation native cloud investment data and analytics platform which combines data collection, aggregation, modeling and management with dynamic calculation engines and visualizations to meet common institutional investor industry requirements including performance measurement, risk analytics, investment compliance and regulatory reporting.

ICE has four primary components:​

  1. DARTS Data Aggregation Remediation Transformation Service - DARTS is a data marketplace delivered through AWS Data Exchange. Subscribers can easily procure vendor data modeled and optimized for immediate use in downstream cloud and non-cloud software, BI Tools and systems. Data available through DARTS today include portfolio holdings and transactions, ESG, risk statistics, characteristics, benchmarks, security master and reference.

  2. Fusion Data fabric construct - manage and govern the stitching and modeling of different institutional investor datasets for almost any downstream investment data and analytics use case. Data wrangling recipes provided via crowdsourcing. Automatically generate fit-for-purpose materialized views, data cubes and data marts.

  3. IMPRES In-Memory Performance Risk Engine System - next generation performance and risk analytical engine which has maximum flexibility to instantly calculate in real time a truly customized risk and return service. IMPRES can accommodate some of today’s toughest performance measurement challenges including ABOR to IBOR to PBOR transformation, appropriate handling of private investments, flexible hierarchies,attribution and risk.

  4. Vision Data visualization - produce highly customized interactive dashboards and reports with embedding capabilities to seamlessly integrate visualizations into clients’ own websites.

All of the ICE components are designed to deliver datasets analytics ready for downstream software consumption (BI Tools, report writers, cloud services, data lakes, data warehouses, databases and spreadsheets, just to name a few) by normalizing content across different data sources and remediating common anomalies which can cause data to be misinterpreted, rejected, dropped, misaligned or require additional redundant manual steps to make the data usable. In addition, all of the ICE components can work independently or in tandem with each other. In fact, ICE will automatically flow DARTS subscription data, along with its metadata, straight through into ICE in order to automatically stitch related data together (including holdings and reference data) and generate materialized views, data cubes (ICE Cubes) and data marts instantly connectable to value added data management capabilities, calculation engines and visualizations to accommodate an almost unlimited set of use cases.

For existing subscribers to AWS, it takes only about 10 minutes and costs virtually nothing to subscribe to ICE. (Depending on use, additional AWS processing and storage charges may apply.)  ICE itself takes about 3 minutes to spin up once a subscriber has clicked through the subscription agreement options and provided some contact information. Upon verification by an Investics support staff member, a new subscriber receives a link to their hosted ICE environment via email and they are up and running. After a subscription to either ICE or a new DARTS offering it takes about 36 hours for DARTS subscription data and ICE to synchronize and begin to auto update your Investics hosted ICE Bucket.

In addition to the benefits of automated synchronization of Investics DARTS subscriptions with your ICE Bucket and access to other ICE components, there are a number of additional benefits.  Those include:

  • Automated data stitching and use case modeling across multiple DARTS subscriptions and client's own data

  • Real time dashboard data set updating and embedding into website <iframes>

  • Crowd sharing of data modeling and visualization analyses

  • Data encryption and selective file compression at rest

  • Operational data store and data mart automated loading

  • API and data lake searchable file access

  • Optimal date and time stamp file renaming conventions for archival and retrieval ease

  • Automated data backup, versioning, archival, restoration and deletion scheduling

  • Multiple file types supported:

    • CSV (Comma Separated Variables) - ideal for some limited spreadsheet, BI, AI and other software use cases

    • JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) - commonly used format for easy software/system data ingestion

    • XML (Extensible Markup Language) - standard internet web readable format

    • AVRO (Apache Avro) - Apache Hadoop extension using JSON definitions and row based binary data

    • Parquet (Glue Parquet) - columnar data storage standard format extension of Apache Hadoop

    • ORC (Optimized Row Columnar) - high performance indexed Apache Hive columnar file format

  • Data governance meta data, data dictionary, lineage and quality control information delivered in machine readable format​

  • Manifest file creation for automated generation of vizualizations 

  • Unremediated, pre-transformed and pre-aggregated original vendor data file version  

Investics Presentation Set Darts [Edit]3

Data Aggregation Remediation Transformation Service

Data Delivery Service for Cloud and Non-Cloud Platforms
Optimized for Seamless STP Integration with Investics ICE  
Covers Any Type of 3rd Party Data, Vendors and Sources
Includes Public and Private Investment Data Delivery
Supports the Data Management Lifecycle
Subscribe to an Investics DARTS Service Through AWS Marketplace


Investment Analytics Data Fabric

Ingestion Landing Zone

Crawlers and Triggers

Automated ETL & ELT Scripting

Security Master Cross Referencing

Materialized Views and Data Cubes

Use Case Data Modeling & Stitching
Data Lake Search



Investics Presentation Set (1).jpg

In-Memory Performance Risk Engine Service
New Paradigm Removing Limitations in Legacy Approaches
Co-Locates Data and Calculation Engine For Real-Time Results
Infinitely Flexible Hierarchy, Aggregation and Holdings Levels
Lagged Realignment and Other Modeling On-The-Fly Calcs
Facilitates ABOR to IBOR to PBOR Transformation 


User Defined Customized Dashboards & Reporting
Business Intelligence Tool Integration

Artificial Intelligence
Application Programming Interfaces

Website Inline Frame <iframe> Integration  

Data Feeds
Data Lake Search

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