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This service calculates a PWER score by applying Cumulative Sum (CUSUM), a standard statistical procedure to detect whether the quality of a process is normal, improving or deteriorating. PWER is the annual return magnitude that a fund management’s process is expected to outperform peer group funds.  This value is based on the extent to which the most relevant period of past performance appears to have arisen from a combination of skill and luck. Originally published in 2005 by Northfield Information Services, this methodology has been applied in a number of high profile industry events including assisting the SEC in determining that  it was highly unlikely Bernie Madoff could achieve the performance results claimed based on the fund's objectives, leading to his eventual arrest (click here for related press articles). 

Please use the embedded interactive dashboard below to select a peer group on the Peers tab and view the top decile funds' and investment managers' PWER scores for a specific peer group.  Higher PWER scores means consistency with and greater likelihood to out perform vs other funds in the selected peer group.  Click on a fund or investment manager to drill down and view further detail.  The dashboard provides access to the top decile funds and investment managers for each of the over 160 peer groups, updated monthly.  Use CRTL +/- (or your browser Zoom controls) to optimize visualizations to your screen size and resolution. Subscription to the full service permits inquiry, full screening and rich analytics across a universe of over 24,000 funds and 700 investment managers for Registered Investment Advisors, investment managers, fund distributors and other members of the global investor community to help enhance the investment process.  The PWER methodology is ideal for monitoring existing investment funds' objective tracking and investment manager evaluation for hiring.  For additional information on subscribing to the full version, please inquire at info@investics.com.


This dashboard and included data is for demonstration only and should not be used for any other purpose.

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