Data Governance Consultants - Investics is expanding in the provision of data governance consulting services to the institutional investor marketplace.  We are currently looking for individuals who have broad and deep experience in building out and implementing data governance strategies "right-sized" for the unique requirements of individual client organisations for both current and future data strategies in support of the data governance life-cycle.  Important included skills would be a solid understanding of existing commercially available data governance systems and platforms, ability to construct data governance RFP and RFI documents aligned with a client's unique requirements and vision, data governance architecture and integration with clients' existing and future data platforms, full metadata coverage, current and future cyber-security and data privacy best practices and regulatory requirements and be able to help drive transformation of an organization to one of a culture of data.   


Performance Measurement Business Analysts - We are currently looking for a number of performance measurement business analysts for our consulting business, who have technical skill with systems and database knowledge, including experience in using SQL.  Familiarity with the client on boarding process of common vendor packages and experience with operations and implementation cycles are a plus.       

Cloud Engineer/Developer - We are currently looking for a number of experienced cloud engineers/developers to participate in our company's startup and formative journey.  We are currently building out key components of our native-cloud investment data and analytics ecosystem running on AWS. We are looking for individual's who thrive with all the FinTech challenges of pioneering a next generation platform.  Important skills are related to but not limited to the AWS native cloud services including:  IAM, S3, EC2, Athena, Aurora, CloudFormation, CloudFront, Cloudwatch, Cognito, Quicksight, Data Exchange, Glue Suite, Lambda, Lake Formation, Sagemaker, Eventbridge and DynamoDB.   

Account Executives - We are currently looking for a number of Account Executives in targeted regional locations around the world to join the Investics Team.  Important skills required for these roles are deep experience in the investment analytics field including the areas of performance measurement, risk, portfolio analysis, investment compliance and related technologies (data, business intelligence tools and cloud-based calculation engines).  Responsibilities would include managing a regional prospect pipeline, securing new client relationships and providing value added client service. 


If you would like to know more about any of these opportunities, please inquire at:

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