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Why Choose INVESTICS ?


Investics primary focus is with the institutional investor industry for asset owners, investment managers and investment consultants, representing both the buy and sell side.  We have a particular and keen focus on providing data and analytics capabilities related to investment analytics including performance measurement, attribution, ex-ante & ex-post risk, universe comparison, benchmark and index construction, structural portfolio and style analysis and investment compliance.  Nevertheless, the purity of the Investics data strategy is one that can work for any type of financial services organization and even those business sectors outside of financial services.


Investics brings over a century of successful experience in working with a number of the world’s largest financial institutions, global custodians and technology firms, including their respective institutional clients across asset owners (public and corporate pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, endowments, foundations, family offices, unions, etc.), asset managers and investment consultants.  We have direct leadership involvement in the initial construction of the primary online data and analytics portals still in use today by three major custodian financial organizations and for creating world leading global investment analytics businesses on multiple occasions around the world.  There is a high success rate at each incarnation of a next generation data and analytics strategy to select and successfully implement an architecture which is both new and innovative, but has staying power for decades.  Most recently we played a leadership role in creating the next generation data and analytics cloud based big data platform for a major custodian which received accolades from clients and prospects, dramatically turning their competitive position around within one year.   In addition, this new platform won a number of awards related to the use of the latest innovative technology.  


If an organization is looking to finally get their arms around their collective data asset and empower their organization and clients to become data centric in how they operate and compete, Investics can dramatically help in making that a reality.  If doing this all for millions less than what it would traditionally take and in a way that brings benefits within months instead of years, then Investics can dramatically help in making that a reality, too.  Whether your data team is non-extent or already well established, whether you cannot afford to make the kind of investment a traditional data strategy would cost or whether you have the financial and technical prowess, Investics can help bring the promise of a modern data and analytics strategy to fruition.

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