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Investics Announces Threshold Benchmark Service

Weston, MA, US – April 22, 2024.  Investics Data Services Company, Inc. is pleased to announce a new multi-asset class, monthly benchmark service to evaluate fund manager performance more effectively.  This new offering is an extension of the Investics Manager Evaluation Analytics (iMEA) product.  Existing subscribers to iMEA will receive the benchmarking add-on service at no extra cost, while new standalone subscribers to the benchmark service can gain access very cost effectively.

By surveying over 24,000 US registered funds, the iMEA Threshold Benchmark service provides monthly performance results by best fitting each fund into one of over 150 benchmarks across 4 major asset classes and 15 broad allocations.  Thus creating comparable benchmarks of actual fund performance based on how funds behave, as opposed to what fund literature may declare.  This helps enhance the analytical process by being able to calculate better aligned fund alphas which reflect the rest of the fund management industry actual performance of similar portfolios instead of market based benchmarks of holdings which can lead to tracking and timing issues, as well as potential false interpretation of investment manager skill. 


Top US Diversified Equity iMEA Threshold Benchmarks returns for March 2024

“With a large percentage of active fund managers underperforming their respective traditional market benchmarks over time, it may be that holdings constructed market benchmarks are not the most optimal (or certainly not the only) comparison to evaluate a fund manager’s performance”, says William Pryor, president of Investics.  “Investics new iMEA Threshold Benchmark service”, continues Pryor, “provides an alternative approach to better calibrate alpha calculations against other precisely comparable funds’ actual results.”  This can also lead to better apples to apples performance comparison of similar objective funds, either passive, active, exchange traded or ESG.  A limited data view of the new iMEA Threshold Benchmark service is available at:

The starting standalone iMEA Benchmark service subscription price is $1,000 per quarter, with organizational discounts available for Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) - 85%, Asset Owners & Investment Consultants - 66%, Family Offices - 50%, Asset Allocators - 30% and Investment Management firms - 10-50% (depending on firm size).  Discounts are applied into perpetuity until subscription is canceled.  Please email or visit for further information on subscribing.


iMEA produces forward looking excess returns due to skill for funds and investment management firms.  Subscribers of the service can utilize a series of interactive dashboards to search, screen, view and analyze skill scores, economic value generated, ratings and rankings, along with other supporting statistics for over 24,000 share classes across 7,000 US registered funds, 700 investment management firms and 150 benchmarks.


Similar to the benchmark service, current iMEA annual subscription discounts are available for the iMEA “Full” and “Expert” versions at the same discount rates referenced above for the benchmark service.  A free one month trial is also available, with paid iMEA subscriptions starting at only $250.


Investics focuses on and works in partnership with the global investor community offering insightful investment data and analytics capabilities, managed services and consulting.  Headquartered in Weston, Massachusetts on the outskirts of Boston along “America’s Technology Highway”, Investics services clients globally.  For more information on the Investics products and services suite, please visit

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